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What is the YubiKey?

The YubiKey is a physical, hardware multifactor authentication device that changes passwords every time it is used. Made by Yubico, the YubiKey multifactor authentication adds security by requiring an extra login step before you are given access to something. When used with LastPass, you would login with your LastPass account email address and master password, then enter the YubiKey code when prompted, and gain access to your LastPass vault.

Once enabled with the LastPass account, the YubiKey is inserted into a USB port, the button on the YubiKey is pressed, and the device emits a One Time Password (OTP) to complete a login.

LastPass recommends the YubiKey because it is easy to use, significantly increases security, and is a cost-effective multifactor authentication option to implement for both individuals and businesses.

Purchase the YubiKey + LastPass Bundle for Premium or Enterprise

Benefits of Using YubiKey with LastPass

  • Autofills the code, so no typing is required
  • Works on all major browsers and operating systems, as well as NFC-enabled mobile devices
  • No client software or drivers needed
  • Compact, easy-to-carry size; 2 mm thin, 3 grams
  • Practically indestructible; waterproof, crush safe, no battery
  • Set up & enabled within minutes
  • Two slots on the YubiKey for multiple configurations
  • Purchase the LastPass Premium + YubiKey bundle for the best in multifactor authentication and password management
  • Up to five YubiKeys can be used for one LastPass account
  • Both for individual Internet users and enterprises
  • Getting Started with the YubiKey

    To get started using LastPass and the YubiKey, you need:

  • LastPass Premium or LastPass Enterprise
  • Your YubiKey
  • If you have already purchased LastPass Premium or LastPass Enterprise, you can simply purchase the YubiKey and enable it when it arrives.

    If you purchased the LastPass + YubiKey bundle, Yubico will send an email confirmation. In the email will be an upgrade link. Simply login to LastPass on your computer, and click the link to redeem the Premium. You can check your LastPass account status at https://lastpass.com/my.php at any time.

    Enabling the YubiKey with LastPass

    Once you have your YubiKey, enabling it with LastPass only takes a few steps:

  • Login to LastPass and open the LastPass Icon > My LastPass Vault > Settings > Multifactor Options tab.
  • Select the YubiKey option.
  • Insert the YubiKey device into a USB port on your computer.
  • Focus your cursor on the “YubiKey #1” field.
  • Press the button on the YubiKey device.
  • A long string of dots should appear in the YubiKey #1 field.
  • Change the “YubiKey Authentication” status to “Enabled”, and press the Update button.
  • Enter your LastPass master password and press Confirm.
  • YubiKey is now enabled for your LastPass account.