Password Management for Higher Education
LastPass has partnered with Internet2 to provide affordable, best-in-class password management services to higher education institutions across the United States.
Tailored Solutions
Through the Internet2 NET+ initiative, educational institutions can enroll to offer LastPass Enterprise and LastPass Premium packages for their campuses. These packages help students, faculty, and staff to remember their passwords and login to every web account while following best practices for password security.
The LastPass Premium package is ideal for individual use for students. The LastPass Enterprise package can be deployed at the administrative level, offering turn-key integration with Active Directory and LDAP, central management of faculty and staff accounts through an IT portal, and team password sharing features. Through both packages, every user then benefits from the higher degree of security that comes with the use of strong, unique passwords for every single login.
Simplified Deployment
LastPass offers streamlined fulfillment tools and educational resources to simplify a campus-wide rollout. Users are led through a self-enrollment process prompting them to create their LastPass account and redeem their school-sponsored upgrade. This process ensures an easy experience for users, and reduces onboarding time and support costs.

Works Everywhere
LastPass remembers and automatically fills in passwords for the user on every website and app, regardless of the computers or mobile devices they choose to use. LastPass is available for all major browsers and platforms, including smartphones and tablets, allowing users to securely access and sync their LastPass account everywhere.
Watch the Webinar
Missed our webinar? Here’s a recording detailing how Duke University is using LastPass Enterprise to solve the password problem in their community.
LastPass and Internet2 have created a pricing model that works for universities of all sizes. The annual price of the NET+ LastPass service is determined by the deployment sizes and package options.

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