Passwords are annoying.
Think about all the apps on your smartphone and all the websites you visit. These days, you have to create a password for just about everything. And whenever you need to log in to something so you can actually get stuff done, you have to remember which password you created for that account. What a hassle!
Plus, you know every password is supposed to be different, and each one should look something like this: DTN5n#77SF@wydts0cwe. You’re told over and over (and over and over…) that having a complicated password for every account will protect you from hackers.
Seriously, though, who’s got the time for that?
But there IS a solution.
With a password manager, you can remember every password for all your apps and web accounts, and create an uncrackable password for each one.
Once you sign up for LastPass, it starts remembering all of your logins, and can even import what’s already stored in your browser. Any time you sign up for a new website, LastPass generates a strong password and remembers it for you, too. After you save a password, LastPass will automatically fill it in for you.
Your password manager.
LastPass is the perfect place to store your usernames, passwords, shopping profiles, memberships, and all the other details you need to keep track of for your digital life.
Plus, LastPass works everywhere. At home or at work, on your laptop or on your smartphone, everything stored in your LastPass account is automatically backed up and synced so you always have what you need.
Not to mention, we’re serious about security. We do local-only, military-grade encryption so your information is safe. Only you know your master password, it’s never shared with LastPass.
Get started with LastPass and never worry about passwords again. Remember your master password, and LastPass does the rest.

LastPass remembers your passwords and logs you in to every website and app. Get started in less than a minute.

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